Saturday, April 23, 2011

What We've All Been Praying For

Brooklyn Hope Crouse is here! Here's a little bit of the story:

First thing Monday morning (April 11th), Jaime and I headed over to ETMC for our scheduled induction. After months of bedrest and two weeks in the hospital fighting off preterm labor, who would have ever thought that we would make it to over 38 weeks. I know I sure didn't! We arrived at the hospital bright and early and by about 6:15, I was in a room and completely hooked up to my IV and all necessary medications (including pitocin). Since, I had contracted so hard for so long, it certainly took no time at all for the pitocin to really kick in and establish a good contraction pattern once again. I knew that I wanted an epidural and plans were already in the works as soon as I was uncomfortable enough. By about 8:30, I had received my epidural and my water had been broke. I was comfortable once again though this epidural felt differently than my one with Maddie in that I could actually move my legs. Nonetheless, I wasn't in any real pain so I didn't care! My parents showed up with Maddie along with a friend of mine and things were moving forward nicely. Sometime around 9:30 and 10 (Im guessing), I began to hurt on my left side. I knew I shouldn't feel that way with my epidural. My nurse had me lay on my left side and pumped some additional medicine through. Typically this helps, but for some reason it did not this time. The pain increased drastically and very quickly. It was the most intense pain I've ever felt before and I wasn't getting a break. I began shaking and feeling very nausated along with unrelenting pain. My nurse checked me again (though she had just checked me not long before that) and I had quickly jumped up to 10 centimeters and was very ready to push. I had transitioned so quickly that that is why I began hurting like I was. They were having trouble getting control of my pain. That's when things got very scary and very crazy for a moment. I hurried everyone out of the room as they began setting up. My nurse quickly called the doctor and the anesthesiologist and told them both to hurry. Thankfully, the anesthesiologist was able to pump some lidocaine through me, which numbed me again, eliminating my pain completely and only allowing me to feel a little necessary pressure. Praise the Lord! I was finally able to relax. Then, my doctor literally ran into the room (out of breath), proclaiming that she was not about to miss this delivery! Within a few minutes I was pushing and at 10:46, Brooklyn was born (only about 4.5 hours after even getting to the hospital)! Looking down to see her sweet face and then having her placed on my stomach was the greatest feeling. She was finally here and completely healthy too! We've since been home for almost two weeks now and completely adore our newest little girl. She is doing well and we are all adjusting to being a family of four! Thanks to everyone that followed our story and prayed for us and this baby. It was a crazy, scary, and often times-painful ride, but the ending was wonderful!

Brooklyn Hope Crouse
4-11-11 @ 10:46 am
7 lbs. 2 oz.
18.5 inches long

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